Nov 28

And another thing about Sons of Anarchy being the best show on TV

They know a fucking season is 13 episodes, week after week, IN A FUCKING ROW!

Because I want my short & curlies straightened out with anticipation. Every. Fucking. Week.

Yeah, yeah, I know seasons used to be 26 weeks. And every Law & Order franchise is on some 40-something tally per season, but I am really irritated by other shows which I like, that call 8 or 10 shows a season, of have a “fall finale,” making us wait months for the rest of the season. That’s two annoyingly short seasons, you pud-whackers!

Anyway, like I said: Best show. Now shut up, because I don’t have cable, so I’m FINALLY getting to see it now…

Geez already

  1. mikerastiello said: I kind of like it, because sometimes shows start to drag or have crap filler episodes.
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